People say consultants are cowards, that they want to give all the advice without the risk. I am an exception to that rule. I believe we, as humans, we are in a perpetual state of longing. Wanting, needing, craving. I also want more. I dream big. I have bold pursuits. I want to leave a legacy. I work daily on my artistic vision, to keep my initiatives cutting edge.

We can fill these urges with possessions and misguided experiences, or we can dare to be different. If you are seeking a character-changing encounter where curiosity is activated, read on.

As a humanitarian, curator, artist and creative leader, I have been enriching the lives of people and breathing life into businesses for over 25 years. I create strategies that promote an inclusive culture across all business ventures, and I work to cultivate an environment that keeps equity at the forefront. I am a cultural concierge and curator.

I am a creative agency for change. My business ventures Rockers Movement®, AFRIKIN® and Brooks Creative Agency offer a range of services to suit your needs. Rockers Movement are people focused on producing and presenting creative work, Afrikin celebrates the ingenuity of Africa and the African diaspora, while Brooks Creative Agency focuses on marketing by creating a unique road map to take your business to the next level of value creation and profitability.

My services have transformed the lives of hundreds of people both personally and professionally in various business niches. Through my actions and our collaboration, you will experience love and freedom. Live a life that exudes these qualities. Let me show you how to cultivate curiosity and channel it in the direction of your heart. Only then can your soul sing.

I have been told that I take the pain out of making the right decision and ensure that the wrong one is never made. Find out why hundreds of satisfied clients keep reconnecting with me year after year. My heart is humbled and I am eternally grateful for their presence, their stories and their words. In my world clients can become true friends.

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I thank you for visiting my virtual space and for reading my truth. This is just a glimpse of my journey. Let me be a part of yours.